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Five Pillar of Ab Validation

 22 April 2018 17:09

Since we understand that more and more researchers need high-quality antibodies to achieve accurate and reproducible experimental results, GeneTex has been employing multiple approaches to certify antibody performance in our quality assurance process, noted 5 pillars.

At first, we upload a new landing page showing the difference about 5 validation procedures and you’ll find antibodies that passed at least one of these validation methods are identified by the certification icons on single datasheet page. Next, we’ll launch 5 pillars flyer to announce customers about our good quality control process, and the estimated date of completion is in May.

GENETEX: Arginase 1 is much popular in Spain. Get a Copy of cancer immune check point and metabolism.

 11 September 2017 11:40

GENETEX: Arginase 1 related to cancers and metabolism.

Obtain a copy of the documents Cancer Immune Check Point and Arginase 1 Metabolism (attached pdf  file)

The following antibodies are related to research in these fields: Product name

GTX127309 HIF1 alpha an??body

GTX70255 TSG101 an??body [4A10]

GTX103322 NRF2 an??body [N2C2], Internal

GTX121453 TET3 an??body [C3], C-term

GTX127375 LC3B an??body

GTX105085 LOXL2 an??body

GTX70103 ATM an??body [2C1]

GTX107678 NFkB p65 an??body

GTX100064 Bcl-2 an??body [N1N2], N-term

GTX70230 Rad51 an??body [14B4]

GTX100034 alpha Smooth Muscle Ac??n an??body

GTX107574 RIP3 an??body

GTX110543 Caspase 3 an??body

GTX103429 TIE1 an??body

GTX100619 Vimen??n an??body

GTX70268 Hec1 an??body [9G3.23]

Neural Markers poster: GeneTex has strengthened the Neuroscience product line with more quality antibodies, more validated data

 11 September 2017 11:31

GeneTex has strengthened the Neuroscience product line with more quality antibodies, more validated data:

Neural Markers poster

 Neural Markers flyer

The brain constantly generates new neural cells throughout our life to adapt to new conditions and stimulations. Understanding the mechanisms behind neurogenesis and gliogenesis can bring new directions in the treatments of neuropsychiatric diseases and neurodegenerative diseases. GeneTex provides antibodies against various neuronal lineage markers and the poster collect markers of the following neural cells:


1. Neural progenitor cell: PAX6 (GTX113241), SOX2 (GTX101507)…etc.

2. Immature neuron: NCAM (GTX133217), TBR1 (GTX117615)…etc.

3. Mature neuron: NeuN (GTX132974), MAP2 (GTX133109)…etc.

4. Microglia: Iba1 (GTX101495), CD11b (GTX76060)…etc.

5. Oligodendrocyte: MBP (GTX133108), MOG (GTX106283)…etc.

6. Astrocyte: Glutamine synthetase (GTX109121), S100β (GTX129573)…etc.

7. Cholinergic neuron: ChAT (GTX113164), AChE (GTX101648)…etc.

8. Dopaminergic neuron: Tyrosine hydroxylase (GTX102424), Lmx1b (GTX129831)…etc.

9. GABAergic neuron: GABA (GTX125988), GAD65 (GTX133096)…etc.

10. Glutamatergic neuron: VGluT1 (GTX133148), NMDAR1 (GTX133097)…etc.

11. Serotonergic neuron: Serotonin (GTX31099), Serotonin transporter (GTX133101)…etc.


The Neural Marker flyer provides more product listing and the reactivity and application information. As many researchers of this field are working with rodent, most of the antibodies are validated with mouse and rat.