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New product launch: FlexLISA Kits

 15 May 2017 12:47

The FlexLISA® kits offer an easier, more efficient way to run an ELISA. In a standard ELISA the capture antibody is bound directly to the surface of the well, whereas the 96 well stripwell plate provided within the FlexLISA® kit is pre-coated with biotin which binds the capture antibody-streptavidin conjugate with a strong affinity. Therefore, much less capture antibody (40x less) is required compared to standard ELISA assays, saving expensive antibody.

Unlike other ELISA kits available on the market, the FlexLISA® kit also gives the flexibility of being able to use any antibody of your choice and conjugate as many capture and detection antibodies as required, giving complete flexibility.

Furthermore, the FlexLISA® kit contains Innova Biosciences’ Lightning-Link®, the world leading antibody labeling technology, for covalently conjugating your capture and detection antibody. Lightning-Link® kits enable conjugation of any antibody with a free lysine, and each Lightning-Link® kit contains 3 reactions, providing the flexibility to run multiple conjugates at the same time.