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 23 October 2018

Anticuerpos contra NF-kB para investigación en inmunología

NF-κB plays a key role in regulating the immune response to infection. Incorrect regulation of NF-κB has been linked to cancer, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, septic shock, viral infection, and improper immune development. NF-κB has also been implicated in processes of synaptic plasticity and memory.

¿Which is the role of CCR5 in HIV infection?

HIV entry to macrophages and CD4+ T cells is mediated through interaction of the virion envelope glycoproteins (gp120) with the CD4 on the target cells' membrane and also with chemokine co-receptors such as CCR5. CCR5 is used by almost all primary HIV-1 isolates regardless of viral genetic subtype. CCR5-Δ32 is a 32-base-pair-deletion that has a heterozygote allele frequency of 10% and a homozygote frequency of 1% in Europe. CCR5-Δ32 do not express functional CCR5 receptors on their cell surfaces and are resistant to HIV-1 infection.

Cell death


Ionic channels

Endotelial cell markers

Organelle markers

An organelle marker can be used to confirm protein localization and may reveal the potential role it plays in a variety of cellular processes. GeneTex organelle markers serve as powerful tools for immunofluorescence, they may also be used as western blot controls for fractionated cell lysates.

Neuroscience research

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