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20% discount in cell related detection kits from Elabscience

 21 August 2019

Elabscience has launched several cell-related kits! These kits are based on flow cytometry, microscopy or microporous plate which can be used to detect cell apoptosis, proliferation and toxicity or cell cycle. Furthermore, you can ask for a 10well test of these new products!

Click here to check the products, or download the pdf attached!

Genetex offers valid until the 30th september

 11 July 2019

Genetex has published 2 new offers, valid until the 30th September:

  • For 180€, you can purchase 25ul of 3 different Genetex antibodies. Perfect to set up new techniques based on antibodies on your lab!
  • If you already buy antibodies from Genetex, with the purchase of 2 standard-sized antibodies you can get FOR FREE any of the following 3 gifts: secondary antibodies against Mouse or Rabbit marked with DyLight 594 o 488, or the ImmunoFluoroMount™, a mounting medium to avoid photobleaching in immunofluorescence techniques.

Check the flyers attached to see the terms of the offer.