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Our Company

AbBcn S.L. (AntibodyBcn) is a European Biotechnology company, specialized in the field of antibodies. It was founded in 2004 by a group of researchers to help research laboratories obtain and acquire antibodies.


The main activities of our company include:

Participation in research projects, associated with university or business groups

Customized production of antibodies in our own laboratory or in those of associated companies

Assistance to our clients in different aspects (technical, logistic, commercial, etc.)

• The commercialization of antibodies obtained by our company, by associated laboratories or distributed by the international brands that we represent.


The main office of AbBcn S.L. is located in Barcelona, a strategic location that meets the key conditions for optimal business development in the field of Biotechnology, especially as it is a point of connection between European, Asian and South American markets.


Our company is present in Spain, Portugal and Chile, and has collaborations with Argentina and Brazil. The objective is to consolidate our position in these countries, to develop great opportunities for the future.


In our opinion, an adequate client-company relationship is based on effectively serving the needs of customers. Therefore, we are proud of our technical assistance service in antibody consulting, being a priority for our company.


AbBcn S.L. is for what you need in the field of antibodies.

AbBcn Team

Maria Pilar Juárez Rubio

BA in Veterinary

Master in Project Management

Central Administration & Accounting

Neus Sanchez Alberola

Doctora en Biologia Molecular

Directora técnica

Laura Teixidó Devesa

PhD Molecular Biology

Lab Manager

Senior Researcher

Lorena Sansegundo Barbosa

Biomedical Science graduate

Lab technician &

Marketing and sale assistant